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What Makes the Black Diamond Strain in Hamilton So Awesome?

In Canada, you can legally buy strains either highly potent or less potent. The pro cannabis users usually go with the option of ultra-potent strains in Hamilton like this one known as the ‘Black Diamond’. There are loads of things that have made the Black Diamond strain in Hamilton very popular. Once you consume this strain, you may be feeling that the environment around you is shining like a diamond. Why? As this strain has some psychedelic effects. You will feel very relaxed and very happy after the consumption of Black Diamond; let’s explore in detail what has made this strain so pleasing.


The Origins of Black Diamond:

Black Diamond is an Indical-dominant hybrid strain. The origins of this strain are linked with Northern California. The strain is a cross between the two classical strains, ‘Blackberry’ and ‘Diamond OG (Ocean Growth)’; thus, you can realize how this strain has got its name and why this strain is very popular to get consumed in Hamilton.

Black Diamond is an Absolute Gem:

This strain gets set apart from its fellow strains owing to its medium to large flowers having a lengthened and almost cylindrical shape. The buds of this strain are concrete, and its leaves are pale sage green. Its flowers have a shiny trichome covering and purple colouring that makes it a gorgeous gem to look at.

Aroma and Taste of Black Diamond:

Black Diamond has a highly-rich berry-like aroma that it has inherited from one of its parents. ‘Blackberry’; there are also some hints of earthy smell, almost like the deep red wine; if you break the buds, you may experience the nutty and toasted odour. The strain has a sweet and earthy taste; thus, this strain’s pleasant aroma and taste are also reasons behind the Black diamond strain’s popularity in Hamilton.

The Wonderful Effects of Black Diamond:

Once you start using this strain, it’s high will overwhelm you quickly, so that you will want to find the closest comfy spot near you. You may feel visually distorted and more relaxed so that you will enjoy activities, such as watching TV (Tele-Vision) or listening to captivating music. You may also feel a bit of dizziness. The strain can affect both the body and the mind simultaneously; thus, it’s suggested you relish this wonderful strain in the evening or before bedtime.

Black Diamond’s Healing Effects:

Yes, this strain is also a cure for some pains and illnesses; thus, it can be recommended to medical marijuana patients. The strain can take good care of injuries or chronic pain and diseases like arthritis or lupus. Its rich euphoria can help you fight conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. The strain is an impeccable antidote for insomnia, as it can put you in restful sleep. If nausea and lack of appetite are your problems, you can trust this excellent medical marijuana in Hamilton to get rid of them.


The Black Diamond strain is the offspring of two classical strains, Blackberry and Diamond OG. It’s one of the most beautiful strains in terms of appearance. If you want to feel the pleasant aroma and taste after consuming strain, you must try the Black Diamond. Black Diamond strain in Hamilton is known for its wonderful healing effects as well, in addition to its psychedelic effects.

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